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What is Chapter 13 and how does it work?

Throughout the United States, a significant number of people have fallen into the credit card debt and feel that they have no way out. Creditor harassment can pile additional stress onto New Jersey families, only making matters worse. There are several different bankruptcy options for people who are confronting unmanageable financial obligations. Chapter 7 is one option, though it may not be the right option for everyone because it is not as effective at protecting property. Filing for Chapter 13 is another option that potentially allows more flexibility in maintaining certain assets.

Famous actress Nicole Eggert files for chapter 13 bankruptcy

New Jersey readers may be familiar with the famous television actress, Nicole Eggert, who once starred in the hit show "Baywatch" and recently filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. She has previously filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy twice before and both times, the cases were dismissed. Only recently, a judge has agreed to accept the application.

New Jersey Chapter 13 bankruptcy can offer relief to many

The rules that apply to the filing of a personal bankruptcy can be confusing to some in New Jersey. This is because the rules relate to not only what property can be maintained after the process is complete, but also to which chapter of the code may be used by an individual. Commonly though, people decide to either file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy when the find that they need help.

New Jersey Chapter 13 bankruptcy ends listed debts when done

One of the first decisions made by people in New Jersey who find that they are unable to repay the debts that they owe is whether they should seek the protections offered by a personal bankruptcy. The second thought is which chapter of the Bankruptcy Code is best for an individual situation. That choice requires a detailed review of the financial situation of the person in economic stress and often leads to a choice between a Chapter 13 or 7.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy includes review of assets in New Jersey

New Jersey readers may be interested to learn about a man who was once the co-owner of a successful paper company in another state recently filed for a personal bankruptcy. The Chapter 13 filing came after the business was sold. Reports indicate that the company sale happened at a loss to those who had owned it, including the man who filed for the personal bankruptcy protection.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy can repay many debts in New Jersey

Financial woes can affect people from all walks of life, as many in New Jersey know very well. During the recent recession, many have found that businesses that were once successful have fallen on hard times or even been forced to close. This has led some business owners in our state to seek the protections offered by bankruptcy filings like Chapter 13.

New Jersey folks seek Chapter 13 bankruptcy after foreclosure

The number of bankruptcy filings occurring in New Jersey and across the nation is down over the past year, according to a recent report. This includes Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings that seek to have a debtor repay much of what is owed to their creditors through a multi-year payment program. This type of bankruptcy is most often filed by those who are employed, thus it is sometimes called the wage-earner's bankruptcy.

New Jersey Chapter 13 bankruptcy filers seek to protect assets

Filing for a personal bankruptcy can lead many in New Jersey to have various questions. Among the most important to some in our state is what property can be retained and what income must be disclosed to the bankruptcy court. In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing, the pertinent questions may also include the amount and duration of the proposed payment plan.

New Jersey Chapter 13 bankruptcy filer can still get mortgage

The tough economy that has plagued recent years has led many in New Jersey to decide that bankruptcy is the best choice to recover financially. One of the most preferred forms of filing is Chapter 13. As consumers consider filing for bankruptcy, some hesitate due to the potential reduction in their credit rating that will occur once the bankruptcy is complete. However, at least one authority notes that the damage to a credit rating may be short lived in some instances.

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