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June 2014 Archives

Spending trends that can lead to personal bankruptcy

New Jersey readers who are in debt know how easily debt balances can accumulate, leaving an individual facing personal bankruptcy or other difficult financial decisions. While a personal bankruptcy filing can be a viable option, it may be important to understand why it is common for many Americans to struggle with overwhelming debt. Sometimes, the reasons behind this are related to socioeconomic circumstances.

Filing for Chapter 11 had a happy ending for The Dolan Company

Many people do not have as much discretionary income to spend as they did previously, which can have a large impact on businesses. Without as many sales as usual, some companies are struggling to stay afloat, and many are closing their doors from falling into mounting debt. Some New Jersey companies may discover that filing for Chapter 11 may be a great way to restructure and get back on track. One company recently found a way through Chapter 11 to do just that.

YMCA falls into financial distress and files for Chapter 11

Many Americans do not have the funds that they once did years ago due to the economic recession. This has affected the buying power many people have, which may not allow them to spend as much on extracurricular activities or donating to causes like they may have done in the past. Losing those spending dollars can have a huge impact on businesses in New Jersey and across the United States. If a business is having a difficult time making ends meet, filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy may be a great way for the company to get back on its feet.

Filing personal bankruptcy may be a way to cut credit debt stress

When financial times are tight, a person may have to make the decision on what gets paid and what doesn't. Large amounts of credit card debt can seem nearly impossible to pay off. Filing for personal bankruptcy may be a way for a New Jersey resident to start over again, because the alternative of not paying can bring on some serious repercussions. If there aren't some kind of payment arrangements made with a creditor in situations where debt can not be paid off in the allotted time frame, the process that a person could go through can be damaging to his or her credit and can potentially result in legal action.

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